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Welcome to the official website of the

Brighton, Hove & District  Football League. and the Worthing Football League

The site contains all the details of the leagues, including all the results, tables and fixtures for the season ahead, as well as an archive of previous seasons within the "history" section

The Leagues was formed in 1903 and is still going strong. We currently have 4 competitive divisions-  The Leagues prides itself on the quality of its football clubs, its referee coverage as well as the great sportsmanship of its team


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Have been added to the website NO FOOTBALL ON THE 27th December.

Can we remind Clubs and Match Officials to complete last weeks match return on line before Wednesday please.

Players must be registered with the League Registration Secretaries, in the East Ray Therin the West Dan Heathfield  Please check on the website that your players have been registered. Brighton teams only NO ID CARD NO PLAY. On line registration has closed.

SMS texting all clubs must have credit shown on the clubs account. Please remember to leave your mobile switched on. 

Please confirm your match with your opponents and match officials on line using your Username and Password. If you have not got a password contact me do not leave it to the last minute . It is the HOME teams responsibility to confirm with the opponents and match offices of their attendance.

Referee Secretaries (East) Colin Daves and in the (West) Sean Gibney any problems contact them direct. Match Officials please keep your appointment, if for any reason you cancel inform both CLUBS and your referee appointment secretary. Last weekend 2 referee's failed to turn up of which one will not be appointed to any further League Matches.

Brighton Council Pitch AGGREMENT form must be completed and returned back to them, if you need a copy  click here AGGREEMENT FORM  Forms can be e-mailed direct too

Ernie Coleman Website Manager



The Brighton & Hove League (Formed 1903) and the Hove District League (Formed 1908) were amalgamated in 1919 to form the